Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Firefox Beta 3.05 for Mac: Crash me a River.

I've been trying out the latest Firefox 3 beta (Beta 5) on my various Macs. In many ways this is a huge improvement, but in one pretty important way it's a step backwards: I now get many, many crashes per day. So many that I'm starting to have a Windows flashback. Today, for example, I can't work with it at all. Every second time (approximately) that I enter a search term in on Google, it crashes. Looks like I'll have to reinstall, which is a bummer. This is all par for the course, after all I'm voluntarily testing software. What scares me, though, is a rumor I heard that Beta 5 is the release candidate. It is very far from stable enough to be the release candidate, and I'd hate to see the Firefox Corporation damage their reputation by releasing beta software as final.

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