Friday, August 22, 2014

Z Minus Ten

So I finally got around to watching  Brad Pitt's Zombie Apocalypse movie World War Z.

The central conceit is FAST ZOMBIES!  Fast fast fast! And it's surprisingly effective.  Fast Zombies kick your ass.  Fast Zombies outrun the soldiers.  Fast Zombies swarm like ants.  Fast Zombies make faster action, Fast Zombies spread the Zombie Disease Fast Fast Fast!

Cities fall, nations tumble, Fast Zombies threaten humanity! 

After a while the acute observers (mostly Mr Pitt) have noticed two things about the Fast Zombies:

1) They are attracted to noise.

2) They don't bite people already infected with other deadly viruses.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the Joint Chiefs, what should we do?

A) Develop a vaccine that makes healthy humans look terminally ill so the Fast Zombies will ignore us until a resistant strain of Fast Zombie Virus emerges and Brad Pitt can make a sequel; meanwhile blow up much of our infrastructure trying to get rid of the leftover Fast Zombies.

B) Build giant tar pits with sirens in the middle.

Hmm, tough choice, better ask the scientists...