Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What’s With the Crazy-Ass Startup Names?

It all started, I think, with Flickr: the cute, in-the-know jokey misspellings and then, soon enough, the simply crazy-ass names for Internet startups.

Full disclosure: I once worked on a site called Zulio (short version: Yelp meets Craigslist). One of the founders pulled the name out his ass, but it did have a nice ring to it. Certainly better than Yelp, which unfortunately is the perfect description of 99% of their content.

What Do These Seven Companies Do?

  1. Kinvey — Social Family Tree?
  2. Clinkle — Tomorrow’s Diapers, Made in Germany?
  3. Viggle Samwer brothers’ clone of
  4. Yerdle — Yelp for Yodelers?
  5. Reactr — Flickr for Physicists?
  6. Convercent — Low-Cost Language Training?
  7. Booodl — Next-Generaaaation Blooood Bank?

These are just some random examples found on CrunchBase. I thought I should make this a quiz, but I’m sure somebody else has already done that better than I could anyway. See this startup name generator for example. Though it’s old-school compared to these crazy new names.

Sometimes I wonder whether all the super-cool Budapest bar names look this way to people who don’t speak-a the magyar. The key difference of course being that for those of us who do the names are multifaceted wordplay, and as with much Hungarian humor they assume a sharp wit. Is there an equivalent hipsterese dialect in which these startup names are less ridiculous?

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