Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Ezt szeretem nagyon. Nem tom miert.


That's Bullet at Kafana.

Long time gone, nyócker

They tore this down years ago. Alberto took a picture then with the little Minox. I wonder if he still has it. I wonder if they'll ever finish.

Igor Obrovski by Francis Bacon

If Francis Bacon had been a cheap camera in an unsteady hand.

Various and sundry things...

I have a bunch of projects I never seem to have time to finish. But they're all pretty cool. There's ProCork dot EU, which is a cork importing operation run by some friends in Europe. Then there's my new super secret project which is alllmost done and has something to do with lists. And it will be funny (we all hope). And then there's my portfolio which I swear I'll get to some day, and the Secret Wine Society and the idea to do something more interesting than blogification on Frostopolis, and what else? Lots of things of course. But I have a day job and a social life and a bunch of other excuses. Oh yeah, and this is one of my favorite websites these days: Ironic Sans. But I suppose my fave is Fake Steve Jobs.

Another one from the studio...

Actually this looks great in person... gotta getta betta camera...