Saturday, November 19, 2005

Blogger made me start this blog in order to comment on another blog.

Blogger seems to have defined "anonymous" as "anyone not our customer." Interesting. The result is that the system required me to create an account in order to post a comment on a Blogger blog. (Groggy bloggy Blogger blog, slog hog in the fog!) That seemed almost reasonable, so I gave it a shot. And then Blogger told me I had to create a blog in order to register. In the end, no harm done; I'd been meaning to check out their service anyway. But still, it seems a little presumptuous. Google? Presumptuous? I am shocked! So I guess this post will be the first one in my new Blogger blog. Time to go practice my Smurfspeak...


Blogger frosty said...

I guess I need to post a comment so I can see how it styles. Yes, I realize there's something a bit too geeky about playing with Blogger CSS all afternoon when you already have a blog.

2:33 PM  

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