Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Apache2::Cookie hackery

It turns out I forgot one thing in my previous post. You need to explicitly load the module in apache (in your httpd.conf) or some of the stuff will fail (though some of it will work fine). What you need is this line, or its local equivalent, in your config file (I use httpd.conf, I'm so old): LoadModule apreq_module modules/ That assumes your modules are in a directory called "modules" under your ServerRoot, which in my experience is so much the common arrangement as to be effectively mandatory. That means the ServerRoot should be the real, standard server installed root directory, such as /usr/lib/apache2. Ah, but then HTML::Mason will try to cache things in your ServerRoot, which is not good; remedy that with: PerlSetVar MasonDataDir /var/whatever/cache/space So, OK, I guess I forgot two things.

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